Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Nanshy Makeup Brush Review

Four months ago I was FINALLY given my makeup kit for university, after weeks of waiting in excitement. This kit was essential for my course and I had very little idea about what was in it. All I knew was that it was a complete mixture of products, specifically chosen by our lecturers.

Four months down the line and I have had plenty of time to experiment with everything, working out what I love and loathe. Nanshy was a brand I had never heard of before, so I was particularly excited about trying their brushes. After doing some research, I was so pleased to find out Nanshy are 100% cruelty free, guaranteeing "no animal has been killed, tortured or harmed during the production".  One of my goals is to have an entire vegan makeup kit so everyone can enjoy getting their makeup done without any worries-however this will take a lot of time and money to build one I'm super happy with. At least I know what brushes I can use in this kit - Nanshy obviously! 

I would honestly recommend Nanshy to anyone wanting to buy some well priced and beautifully handmade makeup brushes. Their price ranges between £5-£12 per brush or you can get some amazing sets for only £50. I have a mixture of the Masterful Collection and the Eye Brush Set, in which I have Onyx Black and the Pearlescent White handles (the difference in handle colours doesn't signify anything). The Masterful Set retails for £49. The Eye Set retails at £29.95, or each brush is £5.95 when purchased individually, and comes with the following brushes:

Precise Bent Eyeliner
Exactly what it says on the tin, although I do find myself reaching for the angled detailer for eyeliner too. 

Angled Detailer
One of my favourite brushes for filling in eyebrows, as well as creating the perfect winged eyeliner. The hairs on the Angled Detailer don't stray, meaning a really crisp line can be created. This brush is so little -so you can be really accurate and definitive. 

Flat Definer
I did not know how much I was missing out on by not owning this brush- now I even have two of them and I highly recommend this gem. It is amazing at packing shadow into the lash line for a smokey liner effect, and even better for carving out eyebrows or concealing around winged eyeliner for the perfect line.

Large Shader
I love this brush for adding an intense colour wash to the lids. With just a splash of water or fixing spray, you can really pack colour onto the eye with this dense shader. Definitely a staple in my kit.

Blending Eyeshadow
This is one of those brushes that you just HAVE to have. There is nothing worse than a blending brush that isn't quite right, or takes too much time to achieve the desired look. The Nanshy Blending Eyeshadow Brush creates seamless eyeshadow, very efficiently. 

Eye Crease
I adore this Eye Crease Brush, which like the brush above blends shadow seamlessly. Its the perfect size for, you guessed it, the eye crease. Just like all the other brushes there is no fall out, yay!

Tapered Crease. 
I don't reach for this Tapered Crease Brush too much, however its perfect for bringing eyeshadow under the eye and packing colour into a particular area. I would definitely recommend as part of a kit or if you love creating intense eyeshadow looks. 

I also have the following, mainly face, brushes:

Powder - £10.95
I have never been a big fan of huge powder brushes until I started my course, now I literally can't live without one. The Nanshy Powder Brush is soft and fluffy, making it perfect for dusting powder over the face. I also use it for powdering in between layers when making a bald cap, as its light bristles doesn't tear the cap and ensure an even layer. 

Blush - £9.95
I don't often find myself reaching for this Blush Brush, but in all honesty I don't find myself reaching for blush often either. Definiltely one I want to try and use more in my kit. 

Buffed Base - R01 £9.95
I adore this brush and its absolutely perfect for applying foundation. Its dense and slightly rounded at the top, allowing you to really buff the product in without the brush absorbing half of it.  Not one hair sheds, ensuring the most flawless base, definitely a must have. 

Blush & Bronze - A02 £9.95
The high density and large size of this brush is perfect for blending out sharp contour. Its also ideal for adding bronzer over the face, which I find can be applied with a bigger brush and a bit of a heavier hand.

Stippling - £8.95
This is one of the first stippling brushes I have used that doesn't shed hairs everywhere, finally. I use this brush for stippling moisturiser and primer on the face, I find it creates a smooth finish for the base. 

Contouring - £8.95
Another one of my must haves, this brush is perfect for creating a natural contour ideal for an everyday makeup look. The brush hairs are really light and fluffy, but you can pack on the product to make the makeup waaaay stronger and more dramatic. 

Foundation - £8.95
The Nanshy Foundation Brush is another one that I constantly find myself reaching for. I find the slight angle in the brush perfect for applying a rough layer of foundation, just to ensure you reach every nook and cranny of the face. I would then go in with the Nanshy Buffed Base Brush to perfect the foundation layer. 

Fan - £8.95
I find fan brushes such a hit and miss depending on what you are using them for or with particular products in general. This is perfect for dusting off eyeshadow fall out from under the eye. Depending on what highlighter you use, I find chunky glitter ones apply better with a more dense brush, or what final effect your going for, this fan brush is also perfect for adding some natural highlight to the face. 

Lip - £5.95
I looove these lip brushes so much I have two in my kit, one for nude lip colours and another for darker colours. Once opened properly this brush is such a perfect length and shape for creating the most precise lip stick application. I would definitely recommend you clean these straight away after using, to ensure the product doesn't stain and to keep the packaging that this brush sits in nice and hygienic. 

As you might have just read above, one thing I have learnt about these brushes is to clean them straight away after they have been used. I know I have put them through their paces at uni with heavy oil based products, however I find that if they aren't cleaned straight away they can stain (like most brushes). To be honest, its quite a good way of getting into the habit of washing brushes after every use. These brushes are part of my kit therefore they are washed after every person, but none the less personal ones should be too. (I have found they stain less if cleaned with IPA straight after use and then washed with baby shampoo as soon as possible.)s

Anyway, sorry for the ridiculously long and chatty post but I hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to buy some of these brushes! x

Friday, 2 February 2018

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

I can't quite believe another year has gone past already. I know its probably the most cliche saying but it honestly seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Looking back at my little adventures last year, I unknowingly achieved quite a lot. If you read my #17in2017 this post might seem very similar, but its something I wanted to document for myself to look back on.

February- I received an unconditional offer from the Arts University Bournemouth to study Makeup for Media & Performance. Unbelievably happy.

June- Went on my first girls holiday to Mallorca, chaotic and crazy, but worth it.

August- Mum and I visited Santorini again (oops, we love it there). Without doubt my favourite holidays and this year was no exception.

September- Moved to Bournemouth for uni, super busy but determined to stay organised (constantly googling how to stay motivated haha anyone else?)

December- One of my favourite times of the year, and it was made extra special this year as I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam with Macca just before Christmas!

Although I don't have any holidays or adventures planned for this year, I am very excited for what it may bring. I have decided to write some resolutions this year, this is something I don't usually do, however I think it will be interesting to see what I achieve. It is also a good way to plan things ahead of time and gives me goals to work towards.

1. Complete my first year of uni- don't loose the motivation
2. Book two holidays (or one haha two could be a bit far fetched)
3. Get a little job- earn some money and book some holidays
4. Plan something exciting for my 21st
5. Build a makeup kit I am entirely happy with
6. Blog at least 4 times a month
7. Build an Instagram & Facebook for my work
8. Get back to working out at least 4 times a week
9. Slow down on eating takeaways, try eating healthier
10. Find a house to move into for next year

Have you made any New Years resolutions this year? x

Monday, 1 January 2018


Twenty-eighteen has quickly approached, and as I write my resolutions I can't help but reminisce over the last year. Instinctively we remember the BIG things that happen each year, however I am a firm believer that some of the best memories are the smallest ones. You know, the ones that are easily forgotten but simply heartwarming when remembered. This is a post I have thought about writing quite a lot, and I think its a nice way to start my blog. All I ask is you take an hour out of your day to jot down the 17 things in 2017 that put a smile on your face, so if you ever need to, you can look back at them with a fond heart.  (Top nine Instagram posts available here:

1. Going to University
2. Santorini with Mum - my favourite holidays ever
3. Finally going to London Zoo
4. Coffee Friday's
5. Going on my first girls holiday
6. The days spent running around London with Macca
7. Buying way too many pairs of trainers
8. Baking soooo much over Christmas
9. First holiday with Macca to Amsterdam
10. Spontaneous trip to see the Kooks with Marie
11. Curry Wednesdays (this needs to be a thing again) 
12. Surprise trip up the London Eye
13. Slavas Snow Show with Mum & Nan
14. "Treat yourself" with the uni gals
15. Finally leaving my job 
16. Get me to TGI Fridays asap
17. All my family being amazing all the time 

Next year it will be #18in2018, however for now its #17in2017. Spread this hashtag and remember what you have achieved over a year-from the smallest to the biggest things. Your memories might be completely random and not make much sense to anyone reading them, but it will be lovely to look back on over the years to come. Leave a comment and tag me if you do this and don't forget to use the #17in2017 hashtag.

Happy New Year x